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Learn the ancient Wu Dang Daoist Healing Arts Online with Wu Dang Chen.
Wudang Chen

About Dao Masters

Dao Masters is an online initiative by Daoist Master Wu Dang Chen to share his knowledge of the Daoist Healing Arts and find dedicated students. These ancient disciplines, based on 5,000 years of observation of man’s relationship to nature and the laws of the universe, empowers one to master themselves and to live a healthy, prosperous, and harmonious life. Wu Dang Chen will bring the traditional method of oral lecture to our digital platform to reach students willing to embark on the journey.

Wu Dang Chen is the 25th Long Men Sect lineage holder and 14th San Feng Sect lineage holder. He left Wu Dang Mountain with a mission to share healing arts with the public and to find the future carriers of this lineage. He has traveled the world gaining thousands of students and now he will use the Dao Masters platform to continue teaching with the traditional method of oral lecture.

We will live stream classes with live Q&A two times a week and afterwards archive the sessions into a class library. Wu Dang Chen will weave 6 subjects together so students will have a true understanding to master Daoist Healing Arts.

Tai Chi

Taditional Chines Medicina

Qi Gong

Daoist Philosphy

Internal Alchemy

Dao Yin

Dao Masters Learning Courses

There are 2 ways to join.

General Members

As a General Member you will have access to the classes after they have been streamed and archived in our library. You may purchase lessons individually.

Free to Register

Master Membership
Level 1

As a Master Member will have access to the weekly live streams, live Q&A and the full class library. Class prices are discounted 20% from the General Membership individual class price.

USD $156 /Month

** As part of the traditional learning method requiring discipline learning, all of classes will be available for 3 weeks after first accessed.**

Instructor Certification

Level 1 Master courses will consist of 100 hours of lectures and demonstrations. The live lectures will stream 2 times a week for 6 months. Wu Dang Daoist Arts Mastery Level 1 Certification will be available to both Master and General mem- bers once all of the Level 1 classes are completed. Certification will require pass- ing a written exam and a virtual or in-person demonstration of the techniques with Wu Dang Chen.

Daoism is a practical art about mastering yourself first before you are able lead your family, community, and world.

Enlighten yourself so you can enlighten others.

Let the internal journey begin!

Dao Masters